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Original Series Characters

Below you will find a list of characters that I have used from the original 1-5 seasons of Stargate Atlantis.

Dr Rodney McKay

Dr Rodney McKay is the Science Team leader on Atlantis.  McKay is perhaps the smartest person on Atlantis, with Zelenka and Miller quickly following, and he lets everyone know it.  Works best under the threat of inpending death and is a frequent off-world team member.  He lives on caffine and powerbars, he is always moaning about his hypoglycemia, so it's best to carry something around with you in case he starts moaning.  But not anything with Lemons in it, a drop of Lemon Juice and he could quite probably die!

Dr McKay's Views on Dr Miller
"Miller is a compitant worker...quite pleasent to work with.  She is quite pretty, what is it with me and blondes?  Hmm...why, why are you asking me these questions, can't you see I'm busy!"

Dr Miller's Views on Dr McKay
"Rodney McKay can be an insufferable git, but the man is clever, no doubt about it.  I get on with him quite well after a very ahem...rocky start to our relationship.  Our working relationship that is not actual...people relationship, I-I would never, ever....NEVER.  Okay I had a crush on him in the first like week, but thats it!  Ah...I've dug myself into a hole here haven't I?"

Dr Radek Zelenka

Dr Radek Zelenka is a close colleague of Dr McKay and the two often work together to solve many scientific problems in Atlantis.  The two share a healthy, yet friendly rivalry.  He is perhaps the only man on Atlantis who can bring McKay back down to earth and deflate his big head.  He doesn't often travel off world, leaving McKay and Miller to do most of the off-world missions.

Dr Zelenka's Views on Dr Miller
"Rachel is a fantastic member of the team, her work on Power Modulation Within A ZPM is uh...groundbreaking.  She is extreamly clever and a pleasure to spend time with."

Dr Miller's Views on Dr Zelenka
"Radek is perhaps the only person I really truely enjoy working with.  I have taken great pleasure in working beside him.  We often spend time together playing chess and doing research.  One of the nicest people on Atlantis."

Dr Carson Beckett

Dr Carson Beckett is quite literally the heart of Atlantis.  He is the head of the Medical Team on Atlantis and one of the only people who has the ATA (Ancient Technology Activation) Gene, allowing him to interact with a number of different Ancient objects.  He is an occational off-world team member, however he hates travel through the gate with a passion.

Dr Beckett's Views on Dr Miller
"She's a sweet girl, aye.  She definitly gives Rodney a run for his money.  To tell you the truth it's nice to hear another member of the expodition team with a British accent.  We often talk about England and we fequently go fishing on the mainland.  She drives of course, now she has adapted to the ATA Therapy."

Dr Miller's Views on Dr Beckett
"Oh Carson is lovely!  We spend quite a bit of time together on and off Atlantis.  We go fishing together a lot.  He is practically like a big brother, which is nice.  I certainly wouldn't want anyone other than him fixing me up when I get injured, which seems to be a lot recently."

Major John Sheppard

Major John Sheppard is the Ranking Military Officer on Atlantis.  He is the only other member of the expadition to have the ATA Gene.  Strong willed and minded he is a force to be reconed with if any of his team are in danger.  The man is also the biggest joker on Atlantis.  He often uses humour to defuse serious situations.  He is a frequent off-world team leader and he loves any time spent on alien planets.

Major Sheppard's Views on Dr Miller
"A great member of the off-world team.  Always great to have her on a mission, she keeps McKay in check and it's always pretty fun when she's around.  She seems to get on with everyone she meets when we visit populated planets and she is often a voice of reason."

Dr Miller's Views on Major Sheppard
"I get on with Major Sheppard very well, truth be told he does keep hitting on me, which I don't mind.  Do you actually realise how unflattering these uniforms are?  The guy is a joker, which can be a little annoying, but he is a great soldier and has saved my arse on a number of occations."

Dr Elizabeth Weir

Dr Elizabeth Weir is effectively the Leader of the Atlantis Expodition.  She hand picked every single member of the expedition team and she is in charge of all none military personell.  She works closely with Dr McKay and Major Sheppard to keep Atlantis safe from impending Wraith attack.

Dr Weir's Views on Dr Miller
"Dr Miller is an essensial part of the expodition, along with every single other member.  I remember finding it hard to believe that someone so very young was even capable of the work she has produced.  She may be the youngest on the team but she is one of the cleverest people on Atlantis and her work with Dr McKay and Dr Zelenka is amazing."

Dr Miller's Views on Dr Weir
"I haven't actually spent that much time with Dr Weir, she seems like a nice woman and she is a great leader."

Lt Aiden Ford

Aiden Ford is one of the youngest members of the expodition.  He is a very caring man and he speaks about his family all the time.  He is a good soldier and always has his teams back.

Lt. Ford's Views on Dr Miller
"Miller's pretty cool, yeah.  Tell you what she is a demon on the Basketball Court, she beat Bates into the ground first time we played together. It's awesome to see someone put him in his place.  She's welcome to give him a few more games anytime he starts getting too bossy again."

Dr Miller's Views on Lt. Ford
"Ah man Ford is awesome.  He's a great person to go and play Basketball with and blow off some steam."

Teyla Emmagan

Teyla Emmagan is the Leader of the Athosian people, after the Wraith attacked her homeland, Sheppard brought her and her people back to Atlantis.  A skilled warrior and a clever negotiator, she has become an essential part of the Atlantis Mission.  She also has an unusual gift, the ability to sence when Wraith are nearby.

Teyla's Views on Dr Miller
"She is a very nice young woman.  She is a very quick learner when it comes to fighting and she was soon ready to take more advanced fighting skills."

Dr Miller's Views on Teyla
"Teyla has been giving me fighting lessons, my god that woman is fast.  I don't think I've seen anyone move like that.  At first I was a bit weary of her, but it wasn't long until we built up a good rapor."

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