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Through the Stargate

January 2009
Atlantis closed its Stargate for the last time, after 5 Seasons the show was scrapped to make way for the stand alone Stargate Universe.

April/May  2010
After buying the boxset of Stargate Atlantis and revisiting characters I had not thought about for a long time, I began to formulate a story...well not a story as such, but a diary, with a story element to each entry.  Each entry would have a different take on episodes of the show and run original storylines alongside.  I decided to throw it off kilter with the original show by setting the first entry in December some time after Season 1, Episode 12: Hot Zone but before Season 1, Episode 14: Before I Sleep.  The entrys don't really follow a logical timeline to coincide with the show, but do you really think that the stories on Atlantis all happen at once and there aren't boring days inbetween?  If you are a hardcore Gater reading this then please, don't shoot me for messing up timelines, I'm only having a bit of fun!

But how to go about writing this diary?  Who to use?  Should I pluck a character right from the show and delve into their diary?  No that was way too much responsibility!  And then it happened, my eyes fell on my character book, a little plot of page for those characters who never found a home.  Flicking through the pages I came across several viable candidates for the project in hand...just exactly how would Rodney McKay react to a 8 foot ripped, scaley alien called Arnon who had an love of killing things and cross stitch? 

And then my eyes fell on her, she was practically screaming on the page, a beautiful, brainy and strong willed scientist who had been there since February.  Dr Rachel Miller.  She was perfect, just the right amount of smart meets sassy.  I took her away from that little book, walked her through a Stargate (fell through it myself in the process) and put her right into her own little quaters in Atlantis.  I even gave her, her own desk!  And so Dr Rachel Millers' Diary was born.

I hope for this project to go a long way, with input from other artists and other writers finding their way onto the site!  I hope to have a gallery of pictures submitted to this project through my Deviant Art account and other sites and I really hope that the project thrives!

Writing for Dr Miller is a joy, its a roller coaster ride and every entry is fun to write.  I don't think I've ever loved writing a character more than I do with her.  After submitting the first entrys on Deviant Art I thought that, seeing as I intend to carry on with this into the forseeable future, I would need a home for her.  I mean every scientist has a blog right?  So why should Dr Miller be any different?  So here it is, live (kinda) from her home on Atlantis.

Enjoy your time with us!
Sarah Hopwood

(May 2010)
I would just like to point out that Dr Rachel Miller P.h.D. is a completely FICTIONAL character, I don't claim to be her and if the name corresponds with any other astrophysicist alive or dead, then thats just dumb luck!  Also I would like to bring to peoples attention that I in NO WAY own the rights to Stargate Atlantis.  I am mearly using the characters names and places in great respect and love for this truely amazing show.  You will see disclaimers at the bottom of each page and this is a NONE PROFIT project!

Most of my work is released under the Creative Commons Act 2.0  which you can view on the Creative Commons Licensing page.  At a later date the licensing MAY have to be reviewed if others submit work to this project.  Any images from the show that are used are no owened by me in any way, they belong to MGM!

Okay thats all the boring stuff out of the way!
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