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Character's Full Real Name:   Doctor Rachel Ann Miller
Other Names:   n/a
Age (Lived Years):   21
Original or Fan Character:   Original character written into a favourite TV show (Stargate Atlantis)
Profile Creation Date:   Feb 2010    

Physical Specs

Species:   Human
Race:   White British
Blood Father:   James Victor Miller        
Blood Mother:   Loraine Miller
Gender:   Female
Hair Colour:   Blonde
Hair Length / Cut:   Shoulder Length
Eyebrows:   Dark Brown
Skin Tone:   Pale
Iris Colour:  Bright Blue   
Eye Shape:   Almond
Fingernails:   Constantly chewed, so short
Body Type:   Athletic
Height:   6” 6”
Weight:   Average
Voice:   Broad British London accent, not the kind you generally hear with a genius
Glasses/Contacts:   Reading glasses, which she actually refuses to wear
Piercing:   Ears, twice lobes on both sides.
Tattoos:   Small star on her right foot.  Black and purple.
Makeup:   Never
Fashion Sense:   Jeans and a t-shirt when not in her Atlantis uniform


Sexual Orientation:   Straight
Partnering:   She like her geeks, a good brain is better than a looker
Ideal Partner(s):   Within Atlantis good partners would be Zelenka, McKay or Beckett
Religion:   Atheist
Hobbies/Interests:   Reading and writing, playing games, working on her research
Favourite Colour:   Pale blue
Favourite Season:   Autumn
Favourite Animal:   Cat
Favourite Foods:   Pizza and Roast Dinners
Favourite Word:   Mollusc
Favourite Song:   Beautiful Freak by The Eels
Favourite Musical Artist / Group:   Several
Favourite Musical Genre(s):   Lots!
Favourite TV Show:   Star Trek
Favourite TV Genre(s):  Sci-fi/Fantasy
Favourite Movie:   The Matrix
Favourite Movie Genre(s):  Sci-fi/Fantasy
Favourite Book:   Many…
Favourite Literary Genre(s):  Sci-fi/Fantasy, Scientific Research/Papers
Greatest Strength:   Science…it is her mistress
Greatest Weakness:   Sweet guys and coffee
Worst Nightmare:   Loosing her work
Recurring Dreams:   Being attacked by Wraith
Deepest Darkest Secret:   Her crush on Rodney McKay when she first met him
Most Treasured Memory:   The last day before heading out to Atlantis and the big farewell party she had
Most Valued Possession:   Her grandfathers Victoria Cross
Perfect Vacation:   Japan!
Can't Live Without:   Her laptop or a pen and paper


Nationality:   British
Place of Birth:   London
Date of Birth:   12/6/1983 (DD/MM/YYYY)
Class:  Upper Class
Political Standing: Tory (Conservative Party Voter)
Sibling:   Younger brother, Dylan James Miller
Significant Other:   None (Aww!)
Marital Status:  Single 
Children:   None
Occupation:   Scientist (Astrophysicist)
Residence:  Atlantis or at home in Kensington with her mother, father and brother.
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