Official 'From The Waters of Atlantis' Blog

December 7th 2004

Well it’s been an interesting couple of days.  Zelenka and McKay had an argument about me.  Now I’m the one that sounds pig-headed.  Rather they had an argument about my work.  
          You see I gave them each a copy of a paper I had written on the ZedPM and its power modulation and maybe we could maybe utilize it on a smaller scale.  It is no short of genius if I do say so myself.  The sleepless nights I spent on this paper, the frayed nerves, the amount of coffee I consumed.  Very, very crappy disgusting coffee that tasted like licking a badger.  I long for a Starbucks coffee, it would be so awesome if there was a Starbucks on Atlantis.
          Hmm, I get really easily distracted don’t I?  Huh…anyway, McKay went mad.  The paper contradicted half of his workings for a start, however I knew that I was right, the calculations were correct and undeniable.  
          McKay went off on one, trying to throw me off the science team for undermining him and his work.  Zelenka heard the racket all the way down in the Med Bay.  He jumped in and argued my point, which I had been unable to do as McKay just, doesn’t take a breath…ever.
          However I got more and more wound up and…I ended up doing something stupid.  I sort of…punched Dr McKay.  I’d already pushed him into a piece of Ancient technology.  I didn’t break it, thankfully.  It did more damage to McKay’s back, which is a good thing.
          I’ve been taken off the science team and Dr Weir has told me to report to Dr Beckett for a full series of psych tests.  I’m sure that I’ll pass them, as long as McKay’s big head isn’t in the room at the time.


“IT ISN’T WRONG!”  Yells a female voice.  The yell makes both Dr Carson Beckett and Radek look up.  “Now that does not sound good.” Radek says, refocusing on the cut on his hand.  He’d been fixing one of the puddle jumpers that Major Sheppard had crashed last week.  He’d caught his palm on a broken control crystal and needed stitches.  “If there’s blood tears I’m not cleaning it up.” Beckett replies placing the last stitch into Radeks’ numb hand.
          He places a fresh bandage on the wound and pats it down gently.  “Now you know what I’m going to say, aye?” Beckett asks his eyebrows raised.  Radek nods after taking a few seconds to work out what Beckett had just said.  His thick Scottish accent had always thrown Radek.  “Yes Carson, I’ve heard it all before, I’ve just never been on the receiving end.” he replies.  Carson holds up a tube of pills, something a little stronger than regular painkillers.  “Now I want you to take one-” before Carson has a chance to finish what he was saying, there is a crash and a pained yell from the Labs.  A very expensive sounding crash.
          “MY CALCULATIONS ARE NOT WRONG!  YOUR CALCULATIONS ARE WRONG!  YOU THINK YOU CAN SOLVE EVERYTHING WITH THIS KIND OF THEOREM?  WHERE DO YOU GET THIS STUFF, FIRST GRADE SCIENCE?”  That yell was louder, and more manly, but only just.  Radek and Carson both detected the dulcet tones of Rodney McKay.  And by the sounds of it he was laying into someone on the staff.  “Oh…I know what this is about.” Radek sighs.  He jumps off the table, takes the pills from a shocked looking Carson and heads to the labs quickly, but not quick enough to break into a run.  He hated running.

Sure enough, inside the lab Dr Miller and Dr McKay are raging at each other.  Miller is looking down at McKay, her height giving her an advantage over the situation.  She does looks quite foreboding.  What did they feed these English kids to make them so damn tall?      
          McKay is stood by an Ancient control panel, his face twisted in rage and pain, Miller is standing a little further back, her face angry and red, her hands balled into tight fists.  McKay is rubbing his back, Miller had pushed him into the Ancient control panel, that was what the crash had been.  
          Luckily from what Radek could see, it had done more damage to Rodney than he’d done to it.  “You dare tell me that my theory is wrong, you dare!” Rachel growls.  She goes to pick up a paperweight on Rodney’s desk, intending to aim for the smug bastards receding hairline and knock a few brain cells out of him the process.  Radek rushes forward and grabs her hand.  She looks at him with a mixture of surprise and anger.  Radek has a fleeting thought that maybe grabbing her hand was not the best thing to do, he‘d basically just waved a red flag in front of an angry, raging bull.  He releases her hand and pushes his glasses up his nose nervously.  “I’m thinking maybe you should not do that, yes?” he says, looking her in the eye.  “Fine.” She says in a small voice.  
          Her eyes are still on Rodney who has moved towards her now there is a Zelenka shaped barrier between the two of them.  She slowly puts the paperweight down and pushes it away so she isn‘t tempted to pick it up again.  Seeing that the danger has passed, McKay draws himself up to his full height, which is still a few inches short of Millers, and points to the open door.  “Here take your paper and go, get out of my sight, you’re off the science team.” Rodney growls.  Now, Radek knew this was too far.  He whips round and frowns deeply at McKay.  “You want to throw her off the science team just because her calculations are better than yours?”  Radek asks.
“No, because she assaulted me AND her calculations are WRONG!”
“I have read the paper too, she gave me a copy, her calculations are…how would you say?  Spot on.”
“No, she either leaves now or I will have her thrown off the team for good.” Rodney snaps.  He holds Rachel’s paper out to her and she takes it, snatching it out of his hand.  “There is no room for miscalculations on my team.” Rodney says, just as she passes him to get to the door.
          Radek groans, he couldn’t not say it, could he?  He couldn’t just let her walk on by could he?  No that was not the McKay way, kick them while their down was the McKay way.  God love him, if the man didn’t have so many degrees proving he was a genius, Radek would have truly believed this guy was a complete idiot.  
          Rachel turns slowly and glares at Rodney, her whole face contorted in rage.  She swings her fist and cracks him with a beauty of a right hook to the eye.  Rodney falls heavily to the floor, completely dazed by her punch.  Radek looks up at Miller and she stares back at him in shock.  The look on her face tells him that she is surprised at what she’s just done.
          Radek takes a step back and surveys the scene.  Rodney is literally seeing stars on the floor, Miller is walking away towards a waiting guard who raises his eyebrows as she points to McKay lying on the floor of the lab.  She makes a punching motion, clearly she is telling him what she has just done.  The guard steers her by the shoulder to the control room, no doubt to see Dr Weir.  
          Radek gives a low whistle and hit’s the communications device in his ear.  “Dr Beckett, I think you might be needed in the lab, there has been an…incident.” Radek says slowly.  He switches his com off and stares at a still woozy looking Rodney.  Okay, Dr Rachel Miller was not the person to get on the wrong side of.