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December 3rd 2004

Its been almost 4 months since I came to Atlantis.  And you know what?  It’s still weird saying that word “Atlantis”, no one would believe me back home, hell I didn’t even believe it myself when I heard.  I decided it was high time to start a diary, that way I’ll get down every detail of Atlantis so I can’t forget my amazing time here.  However I don’t think I could EVER leave this place.
          Everything is amazing here, the work I’m doing is no short of revolutionary.  The things we can do with the technology the Ancients left behind is simply mind boggling!  Everyday we find something new, something we have no idea about.  But it seems Dr McKay and Dr Zelenka figure it out soon enough.  They truly are genius.  Back on Earth I was a genius, kind of, but here it seems I’m outmatched.  In fact the only thing I seem to be good at is making coffee and bringing Dr McKay sandwiches. 
          McKay can be a little…pig-headed at times.  The other day I was in the lab with him and he actually yelled at me for moving his research notes.  Well I’m sorry but when a folder of Head Scientists research notes are in close proximity to a rather full coffee mug that he had precariously balanced on a pile of paperwork, then you tend to take the initiative. 
          Dr Zelenka was very kind and apologized on his behalf, even came and sat with me when I was in the cafeteria taking a break.  He is a very interesting man and extremely well educated.  I hope to work with him closer over the next few weeks.  Rather him than McKay.
          He told me to ignore McKay, as he was under a lot of pressure, trying to get the ZPM up and running again.  He said that there might be some information stored in the Ancient instruments we have found.  He also muttered something under his breath, which I didn’t quite catch but I think I heard Zelenka call McKay a buffoon.  He told me that he’d noticed me and I had made some very good findings.  
          That’s more than McKay has ever said to me.  In fact I don’t think McKay has ever said anything to me at all to tell you the truth.


Dr Rachel Miller PhD places a fresh cup of hot coffee next to Dr Rodney McKay’s hand.  She glares at him and grits her teeth, biting back an insult and the uncontrollable urge to pour the scolding coffee over the big headed clot‘s hand.  The past couple of weeks this man has infuriated her in a way she didn’t even think was possible.  She turns away and returns to her own tiny little desk in the corner of the room.
          It was weird to think that at the start of the expedition she had actually liked this man.  Even thought he was quite good looking, not in a Dr Radek Zelenka kind of way, he had more of the mad scientist looks about him, something Rachel actually quite liked.  McKay had the whole saving the world kind of vibe about him that she had found hard to resist to begin with.  But after spending the past four months with the man she realized that he was a walking ego who thought about himself rather than others.  It had made her very bitter and cynical about the whole expedition.
          It was pitiful how, with Dr McKay and Dr Zelenka on the Expedition Team to Atlantis, she had been pushed to the back of the Science Team.  She was just as clever as them, but oh no she was just seen as the British girl who was there just to be a fetcher and carrier for McKay, the insufferable bastard.
          Rachel gets up and picks up the completed report of findings on a lab they had recently found in the depths of Atlantis.  Thankfully it wasn’t dangerous like the last lab they found.  No creepy Nanobots in jars this time.  No panicking because you have about an hour to live.  It was just a large bank of Ancient Technology, each one was in a different stage of completion or repair.  
          McKay had become very excited, he’s been living on caffeine since they had found it, which means extra fetching and carrying for Rachel.  She hadn’t even got a look at the technology herself because McKay was constantly buzzing around it and unless she brought him coffee or a power bar, he kept pushing her out of the way, the jumped up twit.
          Rachel approaches McKay’s desk and places her folder on the clearest spot she can find on the cluttered desk.  There are several empty coffee mugs and plates strewn along its length.  With a frown she notices a bunch of paperwork stacked haphazardly in his in-tray with a cup of cold half drunk coffee perched on top of it all.  She frowns and removes the mug, shifting the papers into a more organized, stable pile.  “What are you doing?” a voice asks her.  Rachel turns ,her arms full of McKay’s work, her eyes wide.  The owner of the paperwork is glaring at her in pure anger.  “I was just-”
“I know exactly what you were doing, you were moving my work around.  How am I supposed to find anything if you keep assuming you’re helping me by moving things around?” McKay snaps.  Rachel’s eyes brim with angry tears.  Everyone in the lab is staring at them.  All she can think about doing is throwing his stupid paperwork right in his face.
          Zelenka is sat across the room.  He frowns and gets up, marching over to the young Dr Miller and putting a hand on her shoulder.  She is actually considerably taller than him and it‘s a long stretch to her shoulder.  “Is everything okay here?” he asks twitching his glasses up his nose.  Rachel looks stunned and she just stares at McKay.  “It would be if people would stop moving my work around the lab.” McKay snaps.  Zelenka takes the stack of work out of Rachel’s arms and drops them heavily into McKay’s.  Rachel turns and leaves hurriedly, getting away from McKay before he started shouting again.

Rachel made her way to the cafeteria, every blood vessel in her body ready to burst in anger at McKay’s words.  She gets herself a coffee and sits down, stirring sugar into it slowly.  She stares out of the window and looks out across the beautiful calm sea.  It was the perfect shade of blue and so still it looked like a millpond.  She sighs and looks down at her coffee and groans.  In her anger she had forgotten to bring any milk powder with her.
          Behind her someone clears their throat.  It’s Dr Zelenka.  “Oh, Dr Zelenka, I’ll be there in a second, I just thought-”
“You don’t have to explain.  Rodney is an idiot.  Maybe not in the usual sense but an idiot all the same.  I apologize for what he said to you.”
“You needn’t bother.”
“No, no,” Zelenka drops himself opposite her, “You are a good scientist, amazing in fact.  I don’t understand why you have been left to do such low level work, wait I do, McKay.”
“McKay is just so….grrrrr…”
“I second that.”
“I’ve never hated a man so much.  He infuriates me every time I see him.  I swear if I have to get up to fetch him a sandwich when I am working on my algorithms again I will murder that man in cold blood.” Rachel says her eye twitching.  Zelenka laughs and Rachel just gives him a serious smile, sipping her coffee.  “He isn’t that bad once you get to know him.” Zelenka says stirring his own coffee.  
“I suppose, it’s just if he keeps winding me up the way he is, I’m going to snap.” Rachel replies with a long low sigh.  Zelenka gets up and stretches.  “Back to work then Dr Miller.”
“Please call me Rachel.”
“Radek.”  They walk from the cafeteria together in silence, preparing themselves for hurricane McKay.
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