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December 31st 2004/January 1st 2005

I can hardly believe it’s the start of a New Year already.  It doesn’t really feel like New Year to me.  It’s really not the same without my family here to celebrate.  I’m sure that mum and dad are waiting to get a message off me, thinking that my Christmas message was late.  I told Dylan that I wouldn’t be able to contact them once I stepped through the Stargate, but knowing him he would have forgotten this fact and be also waiting patiently for my New Year wishes by now. 
          They’ll be heartbroken when nothing arrives for them.  I wish now I had, had the sense to record a message in advance and ask the SGC to pass it along.  But I was so wrapped up in the Expedition and everything it entailed, I barely had time to think, let alone think about my family.  I do regret it, but there is nothing I can do now is there?  
          If we ever get back into contact with Earth and the SGC, I am in for a major earful from dad, and I dare what to think mum will have to say about the matter.     
          Hmm…maybe it’s best if we don’t, I really don’t fancy an argument over a galaxy, can you imagine how expensive it would be to send apology flowers from here?!  What are intergalactic shipping rates for a bouquet of flowers these days?
  I miss them though, every day I miss them and the past few weeks especially.  And I have a horrible feeling that’s why I took solace with Rodney.  I don’t know how things are going to go between us after New Years, I really don’t.  I just really hope that it wasn’t my way of dealing without the love and support of my family.
    God I do truly miss them and I was so happy to have Rodney with me today, I’m hoping with all my heart he is still there for me come NEXT New Year.
    All that’s left to say is…Happy New Year, may 2005 be equally as exciting, interesting and mind-blowing as 2004.


Rodney looked once around the crowded gate room and checked his watch.  It was half past eleven and Rachel still hadn’t turned up.  He was getting worried, she’d promised to meet him there so they could walk down and watch the fireworks they had been given by a trading village a few weeks ago.  He grabbed a passing Science Team member by the arm, crap what was his name, oh it didn’t matter… “You wouldn’t happen to know where Dr Miller might be do you?” he asks, trying not to sound too nonchalant about it.  The guy just shrugs and detaches himself from Rodney’s grip and heading to the buffet table.
    Rodney catches Dr Weir’s eye as he walks across the Gate Room, she approaches him and he slows down.  “Off already Rodney?  It’s not even twelve yet.” she says with a smile.  This was not what he needed, to get tangled up in a conversation with Elizabeth.  “I’m looking for Dr Miller, she should be here for this, after all it’s the first New Year on Atlantis.” he replies, smiling more at how fast he came up with a cover story rather than at Elizabeth.  She smiles back at him, “You know after your…little set back, shall we say, you two have been getting on like a house on fire.” Elizabeth replies, dropping her eyes to her glass of wine.  “Yes well…she is becoming valuable member of the team.” Rodney replies in a strained tone of voice.  “She’s definitely on her way,” Elizabeth looks up at him and is surprised to see him eyeing the door, “Am I keeping you?”
“Oh, no, it’s just I’d like to get her down her before midnight that’s all.” he says, a waspish tone to his voice.  Elizabeth raises her eyebrows and nods slowly.  “She mentioned something about the observation deck on the south tower.” Elizabeth replies.  Rodney smiles and nods his thanks, hurrying through one of the Gate Rooms many exits.

Rachel is sat at the top of the South Tower, her hands wrapped around her knees, a photograph of her family pressed against her chest.  She was missing them so much, it had been hard for her to say goodbye in the first place, full in the knowledge that it might have been the last time she ever saw their faces.  She had dealt with it by keeping busy.  But now…with all the downtime the Expedition Team had had over the holiday period, her mind was never far from them.
    She thought about what they were doing right now, standing on the river bank overlooking Big Ben, the London Eye lit up in blue’s and greens, all of them freezing but too excited to seek shelter, waiting for the chimes of Big Ben to ring out across the city, heralding a New Year and eating dodgy looking hot dogs, but not even caring because they tasted so good.  Then the fireworks would start, blasting into the freezing night sky from boats on the Thames, boats and even the London Eye it’s self.  The colours of the fireworks would light up the whole sky and the building around it, and the face of Big Ben would shine out, proclaiming to the whole country that it was time to begin anew.
    Then she remembered the difference of time zone’s and that Atlantis worked on Pacific Time and that really New Year was over and done with at home, this stupid little thought just made her even more upset not to be at home.
    She had squirreled herself away up here to enjoy the night air and watch the fireworks.  That and she really didn’t want to bring the mood of the party down by crying in front of everyone.  She’d loose her credibility as someone not to cross.  Up here she could let her tears fall freely as the were when the door to the observation deck opened.
    Rachel looks down wiping her eyes hastily and giving a big sniff.  She take a deep breath and smiles, turning to see who the newcomer is.  It’s Rodney, looking red and sweaty.  “Did you run here?” she asks frowning.  Rodney just nods his head rather than attempting to speak.  Instead he collapses next to her and catches his breath.  He glances at his watch and smiles.  “It’s a minute to midnight…I made it.” he says getting to his feet and pulling Rachel up onto hers.  “It’s not the same without Big Ben‘s chimes.” Rachel says, holding back tears.  Rodney just shakes his head, takes her hand and smiles looking down at his watch.  “Ten,” he whispers softly, looking into her eyes, “Nine…eight…”  
    Rachel joins in the countdown until, “One.  Happy New Year!” Rodney says smiling.  They come together and share a sweet kiss.  They part when a loud boom reaches their ears and the first of the fireworks explode into the midnight sky.  Rachel gasps as the firework billows out, raining silver sparkles down on the city.  
    As more and more fireworks explode, the city becomes alive with colour and from their vantage spot on the South Tower they can see the whole city glow in the firework light.  They gasp at the beauty of the fireworks, holding each other as they explode overhead and rain down around them, burning out just before they reach their spot.
    Rachel slides the photograph into her pocket and pats it gently to make sure it’s safe.  She imagines the fireworks at home and how they light up the city of London in exactly the same way as they do here.  It seems though that the fireworks at home are much brighter.  She sighs as a warm breeze ruffles her untidy hair, okay so maybe there was no Big Ben and London Eye and no family to share it with, but this was the next best thing.