Official 'From The Waters of Atlantis' Blog

December 30th 2004

Rodney and I have been keeping as far away as they possibly can from each other, but it’s hard.  Rodney was on an away mission a few days ago and I was so scared for him.  It was awful.  I didn’t even have the patience to write.
          We also have another reason to keep away from each other.  Those stupid prisms glow when either of us go near them.  Rodney has passed them onto Dr Hill who is completely confused by them.
          We’ve managed to have a bit of time together today, but that was cut short by Carson and John.  It was nice while it lasted though.  We went for a walk just before sunset and we went right to the end of the North Pier intending to watch the sun disappear behind the horizon.  But then John and Carson appeared…I could kill them sometimes.
          With New Year coming up, Dr Weir has given us another break after realizing that after the Christmas Party, she wouldn’t be able to stop people from celebrating.  It’s going to be very difficult for Rodney and I…being together but not being able to actually spend it together.


The breeze was delicate and warm, making it’s way lazily along the pier.  Rachel glanced behind her and then linked Rodney’s arm.  He smiles gently as she leans into him, her hair blowing across her face.
          It had been hard for them the past few days, keeping their distance from each other.  It had been the first time they had been able to steal a moment away together since their kiss in the freezing laboratory.  
          The major strain had been Rodney going on an away mission.  Granted it was only a visit to a planet they had already been to and it was only populated by small villages located not far from the Stargate, but Rachel had still worried herself sick.  “Do you have the remotest idea how much I worried about you while you were away?”  Rachel asks with a sigh.  “A lot probably, knowing you!” Rodney replies with a sweet smile.  Rachel nods smiles up at him.  “I don’t think I bothered to eat all day I felt so sick.  I was ready to take myself off to Carson and ask for a sedative,” Rachel replies with a little shy laugh, “Promise you’ll take me next time?”
“You know I will.” Rodney replies just as they get to the end of the pier.
          Rodney pulls her into a hug and Rachel closes her eyes and takes a deep breath of sea air.  She opens her eyes and kisses Rodney sweetly.  She sits down cross-legged like a pixie and looks up for Rodney to join her.  He takes a little longer to get into a comfortable sitting position, his legs hanging over the side of the pier.
          He looks at Rachel as her hair blows across her face lazily in the breeze.  She pushes her hair over her ear carefully, just like back in the lab.  How the hell did he manage to get the most beautiful woman in Atlantis?  And the youngest?  And what was it that made him adore her so quickly?  Three weeks ago he’d barely even talked to her.  Three weeks ago she was threatening to throw paperweights at him and had punched him.
          Well actually, he sort of knew the answer to that already, she was beautiful, graceful, incredibly intelligent, she was down to earth, funny…and blonde.  Just what was it with him and blondes, like Sam Carter.  Damn it, he was sat here under the setting sun with the perfect woman and yet he still couldn’t get that woman out of his head?
          Rachel curls her arm delicately around her knees, tucking them up to her chest and leans into Rodney, who holds her close to him.  Somehow, even though she is slightly taller than him, she makes herself smaller, sliding her head onto his shoulder and leaning back on him.  
          They sit in silence, listening to the sea lap around the pier and watching the sun dip below the horizon, throwing up gold and pink and red into the cloudless sky until it looks like the whole sea is ablaze.  They’re content just sitting there and being with each other.
          Rodney looks down at Rachel’s face, her eyes are filled with joy and her lips are slightly parted in amazement at the beauty of the sunset.  She looks up at him and grins, grasping his free hand in hers.  He kisses her gently and they both fall back onto the pier into each others arms.
          Rachel flinches away and she looks up panicked.  “Someone’s coming!” she hisses getting off Rodney quickly, straightening her shirt and her ruffled hair.  Rodney does the same, sitting up sharply and smoothing down his short hair.  They move apart and look back to see who it is that has come to interrupt them.
          Its John and Carson, who yell greetings as they walk down to join them.  Rachel waves and smiles tightly as Carson sits next to her making her shift along to sit closer to Rodney.  “Ah yeah, Kavanagh told us you were down here,” John says with a small smile, his dislike for the long haired chemist is echoed in his tone, “Look what I got!” he adds in a brighter tone.  “Where did you pikey that from?” Rachel asks with a small frown.  
          Both John and Rodney look at her as if she’s just fallen out of the sky and landed in front of them.  “Where did you steal it from?” Rachel says correcting herself.  Carson smirks as both Rodney and John make little ‘oh’ noises and nod their heads.  “There was a bottle left over from the Christmas party and Carson…commandeered it.” John says pulling his penknife out of his pocket.  Carson looks bashfully at his feet.
          With a pop the wine opens and John shoots the cork into the sea where it floats in front of them for a while before disappearing as a wave washes it out of sight.  The last light of the sun fades and very quickly all that is illuminating the small group is the beacons at the end of the pier.  “Did Dr Weir tell you?  You’re gonna be heading out on a training mission in a few days.” Carson says to Rachel pointing at nowhere in particular with his glass bearing hand.  Rachel’s eyebrows shoot up and she throws an accusing look at Rodney who silently conveys his apology to her.  “Oh…really?” she replies, trying not to sound bothered by the news.  “Yeah she wants to see how you do in the field on your own, you know, with your own team.” John adds pouring another glug of wine into his glass.  Rachel nods, “So whose on the team?  Or is it some big surprise?” she asks, finding it hard to keep the worry out of her voice.
          At this Carson shoots a pained look at John.  Rachel catches their glances and looks from one to the other quickly.  “What?” she demands in a low voice. “Well I’m going…and Carson to teach the group some field medics, Ford, Teyla, Dr Hill, Dr Salzberg, Dr Ferris and ehem…Kavanagh…” John replies, reluctantly.  Rachel groans and lets her head fall into her free hand.
          Of all the people she could be going to do a training mission with, it had to be him didn’t it?  Peter Kavanagh was the bane of the Science Department…no wait, the bane of Atlantis, and she would have to spend the whole day with him.  Not only was he the MOST irritating man in the Pegasus Galaxy, he took everything very seriously.  There were rumours of a list he kept that held every bypass, bending and breaking of the rules from the moment he had stepped one foot out of the Stargate.
          How the hell was she going to put up with him for a whole day?  She rubbed her forehead with her palm and Rodney helpfully filled her glass with more wine.  “So what were you guys doing out here then?” John asks.  
          Rachel jerks her head up and Rodney nearly drops his glass of wine.  Thinking fast, Rachel answers.  “Oh Rodney was telling me about what was expected of me with the job promotion.” she replies lightening quick.  Rodney nods vigorously and finishes his wine.  “Uh…I should go, I have some calculations to do and yes…” he trails off and hands the glass back to John.  He gets up and leaves quickly, walking down the pier as fast as he can without looking suspicious.  “What the hell was all that about?” Carson asks looking back at Rodney’s disappearing silhouette.  Rachel just sighs and gives a shrug.