Official 'From The Waters of Atlantis' Blog

December 28th 2004

I officially went back to work today.  It’s gone very well, despite things between Rodney and I.  We had a conversation, well actually it was more of an argument, about it this afternoon when we were working in one of the lower labs where an exploration team had found a bunch of Ancient Tech.  Oh, we’ve found several more of the personal shields, which Rodney refuses to even touch.
          Well anyway, we were checking out these prisms that were giving off strange energy readings and we were having to work in close proximity and things were a little…distant between us.  Radek disappeared quickly, he must have spidey sense or something.  Rodney and I were getting on fine, maybe a little too fine…it was all very…fine.
          How is it that man can seem so…right, one minute and so idiotically…oh who am I kidding?  He’s a fool, a lovable…fool.  How can I lie to myself?  I adore him…


Its chilly in the tiny little lab.  The walls are still damp from the last flooding the city had been through.  Rachel, who was stood rather close to Rodney, shivered in the frigid room and sniffed loudly.  He glances at her but she doesn’t meet his eyes.  Things are very awkward between them and Rodney just couldn’t see a way around it. 
          Radek eyed the two of them closely and shut his laptop.  “I’m just going to…” he begins, but neither Rodney or Rachel looks up.  He sighs and just walks out of the labs without a backward glance.  Getting them to talk to him today was like trying to draw blood from a stone.  He just couldn’t understand why, they had been getting on so well at Christmas, maybe they’d had another argument.

          Rachel looks up as the door to the Transporter closes and shifts along to the table where a number of different items are laid out, including several of the personal shields and a series of colourless prisms.  
          She begins to count them and label each of them carefully, trying not to think ‘on‘ as she does so.  God knows what havoc she could create with these weird little objects.  Sometimes she wishes that she hadn‘t had the ATA gene therapy.  “You know it’s going to be very difficult to work together if we don’t actually talk to each other.” Rodney says, testing the water.  Rachel keeps her eyes on the clipboard she is holding.  “Not much to talk about is there?” she replies in a low voice.
“I think there is.” Rodney replies, leaning on the work surface and looking at Rachel intently.  Rachel purses her lips and turns, her blonde hair, which is loose today, whips across her face.  “What do you want to say?  We were drunk, I’m over it that’s it.” she replies with a careless shrug.  Rodney frowns and walks around the work surface and folds his arms.  “Don’t blame the alcohol, if you hadn’t have given me the present and kissed ME before you left-”
“Oh NO don’t you dare rebound this on to me, that’s what you do when you hand over a Christmas present! This was as much your fault as it was mine!”
“I’m not denying that, and I probably took it too far but you started this, I didn‘t see you kiss Teyla or Sheppard or even Beckett and Zelenka when you gave them theirs!”
“You think I was doing that to lead YOU on?  Oh my God, do you EVER give your ego a rest?  You are the most self-centred, egotistical…” Rachel can’t think what to call him next and just slams the clipboard down making the items on the table jump.  
          She goes to stalk out of the room, but Rodney catches her arm.  “Rodney, let go of me, or you’ll end up back in Medical, explaining to Carson why you have your laptop shoved left nostril.” Rachel says through gritted teeth.
“Oh so you can call ME egotistical but I can’t call you back?  How about stereotypical, brash and absolutely crazy?” Rodney snaps back.  Rachel looks up at him reproachfully and he slowly lets go of her arm.  She pulls away from him, her eyes meeting his.  She drags her hair out of her face and strokes it back over her ears delicately, her eyes never leaving his.
          Seconds later they launch themselves at each other, their lips locking and hands embracing each other.  The force of the kiss makes Rodney stagger back into the table of Ancient Artefacts, which go flying everywhere.  Rachel runs her hand through his hair and he holds the back of her neck tenderly as they kiss passionately.  Rodney leans back onto the table and pulls Rachel’s slender form with him, their lips still locked.
          They pause coming up for air, staring deeply into each others eyes.  When their lips touch this time, its more tender and much less urgent than the first time.  Rachel’s form is slight and willowy as Rodney slides his hands around her waist.  He’d never realised how slender she was.  Rachel has her hands pressed against his chest.  For a second he wishes that he’d been working out but she doesn‘t seem to care half as much as he does.  Her hair smells of mint as she lets it fall around her face and over Rodney’s.  
          Suddenly Rachel pulls away and staggers back from him.  Rodney, who is wide eyed in shock at her actions props himself up on his elbows.  “I’m-I’m…” Rachel breathes, blinking several times.  She shakes her head and Rodney sighs, getting off the table and walking the short distance to where she is stood.  He pulls her into a gentle hug and she leans into his body, closing her eyes and sighing herself.  “What do we do?” she asks.
“I don’t know what the protocol is for…” Rodney trails off.
“I see.”
“We’d best not…”
“After all they’ll just think…”
“I know.”
“It’s okay.” Rachel sighs.  Rodney pulls away from Rachel and she pulls her top back into place.
          She ducks down under the table and begins to pick up the prisms they were studying.  They have gone from being dormant to glowing a faint shade of blue.  As Rodney helps her, they both reach for the same prism, their hands brushing.  Beneath their outstretched hands the prism glows brighter than the rest.  They look at each other in shock and both pull their hands away.  The bright light dims.
          Once they collect the items up and pack them away they turn to each other.  If it was possible, they were even more awkward around each other than before.  “I…uh best run these up to the lab, Zelenka will probably want to take a look at them.” Rodney says picking up the stack of boxes all at once.  He staggers under the weight and Rachel grabs the two boxes off the top of the stack.  Their eyes meet over them and Rachel looks away pointedly.  “Soooo…we’ll take these up to the lab, huh?” Rachel says with a tiny awkward smile.  She turns away and walks to the Transporter.  Rodney cheekily watches her go with a smile on his face.  Rachel turns to him and raises her eyebrows to follow her, and with a smug grin, he does.