Official 'From The Waters of Atlantis' Blog

December 19th 2004

I still can’t believe we got out of there alive.  We got attacked by Wraith while we were waiting for Ford and Teyla to return with medical supplies.  We thought they had been a long time, they hadn’t been able to dial the gate.  The Wraith had locked it.  
          So it’s no surprise that I’m writing this sat in the Infirmary while Dr Beckett takes a blood sample.  He said it’s a good idea for me to keep a diary as it is a good way to deal with PTS Disorder.  That cheered me up a whole load.
          I was out of it for five days since the rescue.  I busted my ankle, looks like I’m going to be off my feet for three weeks.  I’ve also got a beauty of a slash across my forehead, stunner burns on my chest and back, marks where a Wraith tried to feed on me and I broke three fingers.
          When I came around Rodney was in the bed next to me on his laptop.  He dislocated his knee but wouldn’t tell me how.  What he doesn’t know is that Carson told me while he was asleep.  Ford and Teyla came back for us with a Cloaked Puddle Jumper and as Rodney ran towards it, he tripped over the ramp.  When Carson told me I howled laughing and woke Rodney up.  I just feigned pain and got away with it.
          Carson told me that he wants to keep me in as long as possible because he’s worried about the Wraith marks getting infected.  I actually have no recollection of it happening.  Apparently Rodney dragged the Wraith off me before it could start feeding which was why he has stun burns on his chest.  There’s something I can never live down, Rodney McKay saving my life.  Of all the people who are on Atlantis, it had to be McKay didn’t it?  The one man who still manages to infuriates me and one of the men I’ve actually become quite…fond of.


Dr Miller had been out since they’d got her back to Atlantis.  Carson checked her stats and sighed.  She was in bad shape, but she’d live.  The Wraith that had attacked her luckily hadn’t had a chance to feed, but it had left a large welt on her chest.  I’d heal but she’d have a scar, she was just lucky it hadn‘t become infected.
          Rachel stirs and opens her eyes a crack.  She groans and looks up at Carson, a confused look forming on her face.  “Try not to move, love, you‘re in the infirmary.  You’ve had a rough few days.” he says placing a calming hand on her shoulder.
“What happened?” she asks groggily.
“Now isn’t the time sweetheart, you need your rest.”
“I need to know what happened.” Rachel says heaving herself up into a sitting position.  Carson sighs and adjusts the bed making her more comfortable.  She stares at him patiently and he reluctantly gives in.  “It’s patchy, but as far as I know…”

Wraith darts fly overhead, their telltale sound makes all the hairs on the back of Rachel’s neck stand up as she jerks awake.  She sits up and pulls a pistol from Major Sheppard’s holster which is hanging from the bottom of the bed she is lying on.  She looks down at the sleeping owner of the gun.  The guys had been very considerate and given her the bed.  Well Sheppard had insisted and McKay had moaned about his back and got a grim look from the Major.
         She sits there breathing heavily and listening carefully, it's completely silent now.  It was a dream, stop being so paranoid, she thinks.  But a feeling in the pit of her stomach keeps her fixed into position.  Sheppard slowly wakes, sits up and looks over at her, she doesn’t notice due to the fact she is staring up at the ceiling.  He frowns as his eyes grow used to the dark and spots the gun in her hands.  “What are you-” before he finishes his sentence, she swings the gun towards Sheppard and he dodges out of the way, but she doesn‘t fire.  McKay wakes with a yell and jumps back when he see’s Rachel pointing a gun towards him.
          Rachel drops the gun, wide eyed.  “What do you think you were doing?” McKay whispers in a low hiss.  Rachel flaps her mouth wordlessly and shakes her head.  “I thought…” she mutters.
“Has she gone crazy?” McKay hisses to Sheppard.
“Why are we whispering,” Sheppard whispers back, “Miller, what did hear?” he adds, dropping the whispering.  She sighs and falls back onto the bed, rubbing her face with her hands.  “Oh SHE gets to go back to sleep?  We’re not just hanging on waiting for a reply here.” McKay says aspirated.  Rachel sits up again and stares indignantly right back at him.  “You know Rodney-” something breaks through the thin wall and pulls Rachel through it.  “RACHEL!” Sheppard yells grabbing his P90 and running out the door, McKay in hot pursuit.
         The village suddenly explodes with screaming and the sounds of Wraith stunners.  Rachel has been pulled down a small dirt track on the edge of a steep slope by a Wraith who is leaning.  Sheppard tries to get a clear hit but a second Wraith bowls him over.  Rodney looks over to him and watches them fight for a second, but a scream from Rachel draws his attention away.  
         The Wraith has clamped its hand onto her chest, getting ready to feed from her.  Rodney bolts towards it and tackles the Wraith off her.  He tumbles down the hill locked into a fight with the hulking Wraith.
          They get to the bottom of the hill and the Wraith pops up, Rodney struggles to his feet and goes for his pistol but he lost that on the tumble down the hill.  He is completely defenceless.

“Dial it again.” Teyla snaps at down the radio to the member of the team who is using the D.H.D.  in the Gate Room of Atlantis.  Carson throws Ford an uneasy look.  As one of the only people who has the Ancient Gene, he’s been forced to fly the Puddle Jumper, the one thing he loathes to do.  “You do realise that this is way too much responsibility.  Do you remember what happened last time I did anything like this?  I nearly bloody well blasted Major Sheppard out of the sky.” he rants.
“You’re the only one on Atlantis who can fly this thing.” Ford replies, looking at Carson out of the corner of his eye.
          This was the third time they’d dialled the gate on Timitus, but the gate was locked down.  They hadn’t said it, but Carson knew that Teyla and Ford were thinking about Wraith involvement.  Why did they always jump to that conclusion?  What if the locals were just using the gate?  It was a logical thought.
          The gate finishes dialling and to everyone’s surprise it opens.  Carson tries not to whimper as he uneasily drops the Puddle Jumper down towards the gate.  “You know love,” Carson says looking back at Teyla, “I really shouldn’t be doing this, look at me, I’ve got the shakes.  I’ve never even passed my test.”  
“Just go.” she replies.
          Carson takes a deep breath and pushes the Puddle Jumper forward with his mind.  “Carson,” yells Weir in his ear, “Retract your drive pods!”
“Oh, right.” he replies.  See, he shouldn’t be doing this.  The Puddle Jumper however slides through the Stargate without a hitch.
          On the other side it’s night, the area around the Stargate is bathed in the light of two stunning moons.  Carson opens his eyes a crack, Ford is looking at his in disbelief.  “Did you just fly us through the Stargate with your eyes closed?” he asks.  Carson just smiles at him sheepishly.  Ford just points towards the village and Carson pilots the Jumper towards it.
          It’s not long until they see smoke rising above the tree line and an orange glow.  A Wraith dart hovers above the village.  “Dr Beckett, you must engage the cloak.” Teyla warns.  Carson nods and thinks really hard.  That should have done it, but being on the inside of this confounded contraption, he wasn’t sure.
          Carson drops the Puddle Jumper at the bottom of a slope just outside of the village.  They’ve barely been there a few seconds when two shadow figures roll down the slope, stopping a few yards in front of the Jumper.  The one with their back to them gets up quickly, the other gets up slowly, leaning on its knees.  “Is that McKay?” Carson asks, squinting into the dark.  Ford and Teyla bolt for the door.

Rodney holds his hands up.  Was he going to try and reason with the Wraith?  “Now look here.” Rodney says in a small voice.  Oh, apparently he was.  The Wraith advances on him, there are gunshots and McKay drops to the floor, throwing his hands over his head.  He looks up to see Teyla and Ford looking down at him.  “Where the hell have you been?” Rodney demands, the strength in his voice back.
“We couldn’t-”
“There’s no time, Sheppard and Miller are still up there.” he continues, cutting right across Ford.  Teyla, without a seconds thought races up the hill, Ford following.  Rodney jigs on one spot for a moment, debating to go with them or not.  He shakes his head and follows them back up the slope.  
          The village is in ruins, fires burning in every building.  People are fleeing in every direction and in the middle of this mess is Sheppard firing at every Wraith that approaches him and the limp form of Rachel Miller.  Teyla and Ford run forward to help Sheppard keep the Wraith at bay while Rodney scoops an unconscious Miller up.  “Let’s move, back to the Jumper!” Sheppard yells.
          They all run down the slope, several Wraith in pursuit.  Sheppard and Ford pause at the door to the Jumper and more Wraith pour out of the forest.  They fire their stunners and hit Rodney in the back.  He trips and falls on the ramp of the Jumper.  From inside the Jumper Teyla roughly drags Rodney and Miller through the door.  Both of them are now pretty beaten up.  Carson checks them over as Sheppard and Ford get the Jumper in the air.