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December 11th 2004

I passed my psych test with Dr Heightmayer, flying colours.  Dr Weir was very surprised when Dr Beckett announce to her that I was fit for duty and that the…incident, shall we put it, was just a mixture of stress and prolonged exposure to McKay’s ego.  Well he didn’t put it like that but it’s close enough.
          Something weird happened today.  I was in my quarters, reading one of the books I had managed to pack into my bag before we left Earth.  It’s the book my mother gave me for my birthday two weeks before I came here, I‘ve almost finished it, just one last chapter to go.  It’s a signed copy of Frank Wilczek’s Longing for the Harmonies: Themes and Variations from Modern Physics.
          Anyway, that’s beside the point.  There was a knock at my door, I thought it might have been one of the guards I had gotten to know when I was waiting to talk to Dr Weir, but believe it or not it was Dr McKay.  And I’ll tell you now, the bruise I gave him is an absolute beauty.  It covers practically the whole of his left eye, eyebrow and all.
          He apologized for what he’d said, he’d run some of my tests and had come to the same conclusion.  I’m back on the Science Team, but not just that, I’ve been promoted to his Understudy.  Bit of a crap title, I know, but I’m happy!  
          Talking with him I’ve learnt he is actually quite a nice guy.  He asked me if I could join him on one of his research trips off world tomorrow afternoon.  I said yes!
           I’ve seen enough of Atlantis, I’m ready to see the rest of the Pegasus Galaxy and all it has to offer.  We’re heading out to a small planet called Timitus…my first time on alien soil, I mean proper alien soil, the kind that doesn’t feel like home like Atlantis does.  I don’t think I’m ever going to get to sleep tonight.  I’m far too excited about the prospects!
           I should at least try, I have to get up early for a briefing with the other members of the team.  I’ll finally be working with Teyla, who I have been longing to speak to, but never really had the guts to approach.  Morning can’t come quick enough.


Dr Weir is sat across the table from Dr Miller, surveying her carefully, Rodney is sat next to Weir typing out calculations on his laptop.  He can’t understand why he was there.  He was incredibly busy, there were so many things he needed to do, but Weir had insisted that he should be here.  He knew the woman was a loony, she’d punched him!  Okay, okay, her theory was correct, her calculations were undeniable.  But just because she was right and sat here looking all coy and sorry for herself didn’t mean she was sane.  And it sure as hell didn’t mean she could punch him.
          Carson clears his throat and passes Weir a sheaf of paper.  “Dr Heightmayer has given me the results of Dr Millers psych test.  She passed with flying colours.  It’d seem that what happened between her and Dr McKay was due to stress and her…work environment.” he explains.  Rodney looks up at Miller from his laptop.  She was looking down at her hands, a little relieved smile on her face.  Weir smiles at her, looking up from the results Carson had handed her.  “So Dr Miller do you think you will be able to return to work anytime soon?” Weir asks with a smile.  Rodney snorts into his coffee.  Miller looks up at him, her eyes narrowed.  Had he mentioned that she’d punched him?
          Weir gives him a reproachful gaze and looks back at Miller.  “I’m ready to head back to work, that is if Dr McKay will have me back.” Miller replies, still looking over at Rodney.  
          Oh crap, it was on him now, if he said yes then he’d have to swallow his pride and apologize.  If he said no then he’d have to put up with the reproductions from Weir, Beckett and Zelenka.  Especially Zelenka.  And truth be told she was very good at her job.  Damn it.  “I’ll have her back, if she keeps her fists to herself.” he says coldly.  Weir and Beckett glare at him and Rodney just shakes his head and looks back down at his laptop.  Ignore the stares, ignore them, ignore them, ignore them.  “Thank you Dr McKay and…I will.” Miller replies with a tight smile.  Rodney’s eye twitches and he looks at Miller over his laptop.  Damn, damn, double damn.  He was going to have to make it up to her wasn’t he?  Oh, this wasn’t going to be pretty at all.
          Beside him Zelenka gives a sigh.  Miller and Beckett leave after a few words from Weir.  The usual stuff, disciplinary stuff, stuff Rodney never listened to.  Weir turns to Rodney and fixes him with one of her looks.  “Yes Dr Weir?” he says impatiently.
“This incident was as much your fault as hers.  You need to reign yourself in Rodney, Dr Miller is a competent worker and after listening to what she’s had to say it seems to me like you haven’t really given her a chance.” Weir says a cold tone to her voice.
“I have given her a chance, I just gave her a chance.”
“I think maybe you should give her more responsibility.” Zelenka pipes up.  Oh, here we go, Millers knight in shining armour was here.  Rodney sighs and rubs his already aching head.

Rodney hated apologizing, even more than he hated vegetarian food.  Carrots and lettuce was not food, humans were designed to eat meat, that was why we had canine teeth, to rip the meat off the bones of an animal.  
          Oh great, now he’s thinking about chicken, just what he needs.  He’s sure that if his stomach rumbles during this apology he was going to die of shame and perhaps hunger, it would seem.  He takes a deep breath and knocks on the door of Dr Millers quarters.  “Enter.” comes the muffled reply. 
          For a second, a flicker of thought crosses his mind, as it always does when entering a females quarters.  Please don’t be naked!  Naked women put him on edge, hell semi-naked women put him on edge, he’d get all stuttery and not be able to remember what he was talking about.  And that never looks good when you’re trying to apologize.
          He remembered one painful memory when, having only been there a week, he had got lost on the way to the canteen, walked into the women’s changing rooms at The SGC and come face to face with three rather beautiful young military officers in not much but their underwear.  
          Unfortunately for him they all had guns in their lockers and he was frogmarched to the Samantha Carter at gunpoint.  Sam was equally in shock to find three women in towels, dripping wet and pointing pistols at an embarrassed, bright red Rodney McKay in her office.  That had been a rather difficult one to explain, especially with the stammering and stuttering.  It had taken at least half an hour to say he’d got lost in the maze of corridors.
          Rodney shakes his head and waves his hand in front of the door control and lets himself into Miller’s room.  Thankfully Miller is fully clothed, in a rather fetching pale blue jumper.  She looks up at Rodney from her book.  Ah, Frank Wilczek, he notes, good choice.  He clears his throat and prepares to say something.  “Spit it out Rodney.” Miller snaps.  Rodney looks taken aback by her snippy comment.  He gathers himself and clears his throat again.  “I’m sorry.” he says in a small voice.  Oh that was just great, he sounded like a mouse that had just got trodden on.  Good going Dr McKay!  
          Miller raises her eyebrows and closes her book.  She swings her legs off the bed and stands up, moving closer to Rodney.  Jesus, she is tall isn‘t she?  “What was that McKay?” Miller asks, a smile playing on her lips.  Of course this was how it was going to be, humiliation.  “I am sorry.” Rodney says again, louder and clearer this time, “I ran some of your tests and the calculations were right.”  Miller smiles, its kind of creepy and reminds Rodney of a Wraith Queen.  Miller turns back to her bed and sits down, picking up her book and opening it again.
          Miller frowns up at him, he hasn’t moved.  “Oh you’re not done?” she says breezily.  She knows I’m not done, Rodney thinks, she‘s trying to make this as awkward as she possibly can.  “I’d like you to come back on the team as my ahem…understudy.” he says, his eye twitching in embarrassment.
“Understudy?  What does that mean?” Miller asks with a frown.
“It means someone who is trained as-”
“I know what understudy mean’s McKay!  I wanted to know what it meant for me.”
“You get your own office and your own small team.  You also get clearance to go off world.” Rodney explains.  
          With her as his understudy she was practically on the same par as Zelenka in his estimations.  This hadn‘t been his idea, this had been Radeks, Rodney had protested at first, but after seeing some of her work on Ancient Technology, her genius really couldn‘t be denied. “Which reminds me, there is a mission, tomorrow, small scale no risk foreseen.  As my ahem…understudy, you need field training and you will be coming along with us.  That is if you want to.”  Rodney adds.  Miller stares at him in shock.  
          It takes her a few minutes of blinking and stammering to finally say in a flustered voice, “Yes, God yes I’ll come with you!”
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