Official 'From The Waters of Atlantis' Blog
Just to let you know, and at this point, I don't think anyone has visited apart from me, (if you have comment) all new diary entrys will be previewed RIGHT HERE before being uploaded to Deviant Art.  Also I'd like to inform you that pretty soon, Dr Miller is going to be making and away mission to!  Unfortunately she might be joined by some slash fiction...ah well you win, you loose.

Also the December 19th entry...damn you have no idea how hard it is to write for Carson Beckett!!!! I had to scrap my original plans for him
So far I have approaced one person to produce art for the project on Deviant Art.  She will be creating an MSDoll of Dr Miller for the site!  I have also approached the Deviant Art Stargate Atlantis Club to mention in their blog that I need an artist, so fingers crossed I'll get some feedback very soon from willing artists!

I have also been feaverishly writing a script for a small audio drama containing Dr Miller.  Set a few months before coming to Atlantis, it tells the story of how Dr Miller, despite her young age, was selected for the expedition team to Atlantis.  With any luck I'll have a rough script done soon and samples will be tested within the next few weeks.
This is an on going project of mine.  I LOVE writing Dr Miller's diary!  I like to think that Dr Miller is derived from me...I like to but it's probably not true.

Dr Miller's Diary has only just got a home due to the fact I have been holed up in bed for the past week with the mumps.  I've had Dr Miller floating around in the back of my mind for some time now, she's poked her head up to say hello now and then, but I never really found a home for her.  Then, while watching my boxset of Stargate Atlantis I knew EXACTLY where to put her.

Now don't get me wrong, there is much love for Dr Rodney McKay, God I would HATE to work with the guy!  I don't think I could stand being near the guy!  So to begin with, that is the state of mind we find Miller in.  She begins to like him rather quickly, it irritates me that I wrote it like that, one minute she is wanting to throw things at him, the next she's getting on with him, grrrr!  But trust me...there will ALWAYS be something about McKay that can push her buttons and tip her over the edge.

So for now, enjoy!